Monday 12 April 2010

The empire strikes back

The new empire of the secular media is presently unleasing its fury on the Church. Not surprising at all; the spirit of anti-Christ is always about looking for a worldly foothold which to use powerfully.

A brother priest recently said that he has "lost all trust in the veracity and objectivity of the media and I no longer refer to it for information of any kind. I will not allow its anti-Catholic bias to be the cause of a weakening of my faith in, or respect for, our Lord's 'one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church'".

I embrace these words totally. The secular media has gone rogue, but there are plenty of excellent places on the internet in which we can still find real information. More importantly, since the Church cannot be destroyed what is at stake here is evangelisation; the way in which the Church is now called to evangelise. It may seem that she has lost credibility, and yet it is the conversion of the new empire, the empire of the secular media which is at stake. It took the Church three hundred years of terrible persecution to bring about the conversion of the Roman Empire, how are we to apporach the conversion of the new empire?

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