Tuesday, 16 July 2013

16th July.

The vestment which I wore for my Silver Jubilee Mass was my ordination vestment, reworked. That vestment, which had been given to me by my mother's two sisters, had, after twenty five years, become somewhat worn. 
The original vestment had been made and hand-embroided in Valladolid; those same panels were lifted and sewn onto a new vestment by www.fmchurchsupplies.com in Dewsbury. You can see both front and back of the vestment in the photos above. I recommend F and M Church Supplies to you, if you are looking to have vestments made in the UK. 
My Spanish chalice and paten, given to me on my ordination day by my mother, is still, fortunately, in 'new' condition; I brought it with me to York for my Silver Jubilee Mass.

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