Thursday 12 April 2007

Days of faith

The Octave Days of Easter are special for the whole Church since the celebration of Easter lasts eight days. They are special for priests because they offer us some respite after the demands of Holy Week and its Liturgies. Both Fr Julian and myself spent some of these days as guests of Alan and Anne and their family. This photo was taken in Lincoln Cathedral close by the shrine of St Hugh.
Actually, these days were very grace-filled family days of prayer. Not only did we take part in prayer and fellowship with Alan and Anne's large family, but we were joined by other families also. We celebrated Masses with them and took part in a men's prayer group which Alan leads. It was a great joy and privilage for us to be part of the Church blossoming in rural Lincolnshire, and we joined forces with Fr Chris the local Parish Priest who both of us know from seminary days. Plans are afoot to follow this visit with another Family Day of Faith later in the spring. Very grateful thanks to Alan and Anne and company for hosting our visit and for all the fettlements we enjoyed.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week. Priests relaxing in the company of a large Catholic family. There must have been abundant blessings for all.