Sunday 15 April 2007

Step in

This week has given us the greatest call to step from our old selves and to live in the Mystery of Faith. Making the transition is a powerful experience. Maybe we have halted at the very threshold, or know someone who is holding back from the Life of Grace. I include this autobiographical detail in St Cyprian's writings to spur us on (it was quoted by the Holy Father at an address in February):

I lived in this world of ours totally cut off from God because the divinities were dead and God was not visible. And in seeing Christians I thought: it is an impossible life, this cannot be done in our world! Then, however, meeting some of them, joining their company and letting myself be guided in the catechumenate, in this process of conversion to God. I gradually understood: it is possible! And now I am happy at having found life. I have realised that the other was not life, and to tell the truth, even beforehand, I knew that it was not true life.

I wont be posting for a few days now as I'm taking a short rest. Be filled with the light of Christ.

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