Saturday 7 April 2007

Holy Saturday

John Pridmore has been participating in the Easter Triduum with me in Huddersfield. Yesterday evening I asked him to lead the Stations of the Cross in the streets near the church. It was great to see a number of our neighbours (not necessrily Catholics) spontaneously coming to join our act of witness. Perhaps they had had to work on Good Friday but, on seeing us, they immediately recognised what we were doing and why.
Will, the young man in the picture holding the cross, is to be Received into the Church and Confirmed at our Easter Vigil. He has been living and working with John and the St Patrick's Mission Team and has clearly received a great deal of solid Christian formation from them. I can see that he wants God to have access to every part of his life when he is Confirmed. Pray for him today and all the many others throughout the country who are offering themselves to God this Easter as workers in His Kingdom.
The Life of Grace, as we have experienced during the Holy Week Liturgies, is in great part, a life of witness to the redeeming events of Christ's life. At its heart is the new relationship of fidelity to our Father in heaven which Christ has built for us. In the face of the culture of death - which in my part of the world seems to be an impenetrable culture of darkness - we are called to build the Culture of Life. In our exposure to Holy Week we will surely be more appreciative of the gift of Christ's friendship to us and know that the Culture of Life is much more than task for us to achieve. The Culture of Life is first and foremost the witness to Grace.

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