Thursday, 28 February 2008

A moronic culture produces the HFE Bill

The Contraceptive Generation - the generation which welcomed and embraced the whole mentality and practice of contraception, thereby separating sexuality from procreation - is really leading us, as a society, deeply into the culture of death. And now that this generation is in control of the management of our society at all levels - Goverment, media, education, law, medicine and commerce - they have created a social Movement to change the focus of our society and of our culture in favour of a new ethics which rests upon the classical outlines of the culture of death, and they have done this, in a regular totalitarian way, by reducing the mentality and the culture of the people to a moronic level. This has enabled the leaders of this Movement to engender a massive social change without anyone really noticing. The UK may as well have been hijacked by a group of sinister Freemasons who have taken control of the major organs of our society and its communications services.
The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, something which is irrational in itself, is the most leveling attempt yet by this Movement to wrench our society away from God.
With such leaders as these where can we look for hope; where, for instance, can young people look for goodness and truth? The Catholic Church used visibly to be a place of freedom. But the Catholic Church in the UK seems to be deeply infected by this Movement also. Well, we must change this situation. We must seek to build a culture and a society upon the basis of the Gospel and Christ, who is truth. In fact, we need Catholics now who will seek to form themselves, in the light of the Gospel, in education, media, law, medicine and commerce, and to form themselves also in the new sciences. But we must look to the places where this can genuinely be undertaken. For instance, young people can take a year out to spend with the St Patrick's Evangelisation School in London - a real eye-opener to the Mission of the Church today. Others could undertake studies at the Franciscan University of Stuebenville in the States or at Campion College, Sydney. For those who want to form themselves here in the UK, we need a real package; and that still needs putting together. Can we do this? Will we actually get our act together this time? Will we together take the next good step forward?

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Anonymous said...

Or we could just get our binoculars out, listen for that trumpet call, and implore Jesus to get on his chariot NOW and return. Don`t you sometimes get the feeling that the time for words and letter-writing and ranting is so last week, (she said, in full rant). It's fasten your seat belts and get out your binoculars time.

It was Him who said He came to bring fire upon the earth and longed to already see it burning. I believe Him. I wish it would.